Radon Gas Testing in Edmonton and Surrounding Areas

Radontech Solutions Inc. is a family-owned company that offers radon gas testing in Edmonton and surrounding area. We work with homeowners and businesses in Edmonton and surrounding areas to accurately measure radon concentrations in buildings.

Radontech’s mission is to help the public mitigate the health risk posed by long-term exposure to radon gas through awareness and knowledge.

We believe that being safe from radon starts with becoming aware of the health effects of radon and knowing the radon level in your home or business in order to take action if necessary. We accomplish our mission by educating the public about the health risks of radon gas and working with our clients to measure radon gas levels in buildings.

Our technicians are certified by C-NRPP-certified Radon Measurement Professional (C-NRPP) ensuring the highest quality of radon testing service.

Services in Edmonton and Surrounding Areas:

  • In-home radon gas testing: certified home radon gas testing in Edmonton and area
  • Commercial radon solutions: certified commercial testing according to approved protocols, custom projects and testing solutions, quality assurance, consulting and bulk radon test kit placement
  • Radon test kits: Approved DIY radon ktis for home radon measurement

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