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The concentration of indoor radon is measured in Becquerels per cubic metre (Bq/m3). This measure basically refers to the number of radioactive disintegrations in a given volume, a cubic metre.

As the graphic below shows, Health Canada has develop a guideline (action level) for radon levels in buildings in Canada. This guideline basically says that radon levels in buildings should stay below 200Bq/m3.

For comparison, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends an action level of 100Bq/m3, while in the USA it is 148Bq/m3.

Radon testing Edmonton

Radon action levels in Canada and those set the World Health Organization (WHO) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA in the USA.


Health Canada recently conducted a study to estimate the level of radon in households across Canada. The study estimated that about 7% of households in Canada have levels above the guideline (200Bq/m3).

What does that mean for us in Edmonton? 

Even though the study addresses Canada in general, it is hard to estimate the average indoor radon levels for a single city or smaller geographical area.

However, if we apply the same proportion of 7% to the number of households in Edmonton, we can postulate that about 7% of Edmonton households (17,500 houses in Edmonton) may have elevated radon levels in Edmonton (based on 7% house numbers from 2014, City of Edmonton Open Data Portal – including only single-family, duplex and row houses) .

However, note that this is a simplistic estimate that may not give the right picture. The actual number could be higher or lower. In fact, radon levels vary from region to region, neighbour to neighbour.

The only way to know radon levels in your home is to test!

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