Easy to Use DIY Radon Test Kit

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Testing for radon gas in your home is easy using our DIY radon detector.

Health Canada recommends a long-term radon test lasting at least 91 days.

This long-term kit use alpha-track technology to provide reliable long-term radon measurements.  The package includes instructions, radon detector and a data sheet – all you need to conduct a long-term test in your home.

Lab analysis fees included in the purchase price.
Approved for Canadian use by the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP)
Long-term testing (recommended)

Four easy steps for using the kit

Step 1

Purchase the radon kit. We ship the package to you from Edmonton to anywhere in Canada.

Step 2

Place the radon detector in your home for at least 91 days. Complete the  data sheet.

Step 3

Send the radon detector and data sheet to the lab for analysis. No extra lab fees.

Step 4

Receive radon test results online or by email. You could also request for the results to be mailed to you.

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